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Michigan has a temperate climate with well-defined seasons. Cloudy days are more common in Michigan than in most states, in part because of the condensation of water vapor from the Great Lakes. While Michigan experiences distinct changes of temperature, precipitation and foliage during the four seasons, weather conditions do not necessarily contain themselves to their appropriate season. Snowfall can be seen as early as October or as late as May some years, and while summers often heat up around August or September, it is by no means bound to do so.

Fun Ogemaw County Weather Facts

  • Warmest month is July | High:80°F, Low: 56°F
  • Coolest month is January | High:27°F, Low: 9°F
  • The highest recorded temperature was 103°F in 1955
  • The lowest recorded temperature was -30°F in 1951
  • August is the average wettest month

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